3. “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson

I am not taking chances tonight. Who knows if I am going to be in the right frame of mind to scribble even a few lines at the end of the day. My little boy is napping and here is my opportunity.

Julia Donaldson is my guru. Virtually. The stories she comes up with and the styles she writes with are beyond commendable. If you are not familiar with the work of this Scottish writer, ” The Gruffalo” is the way to start. I am her fan. For the best effects read it aloud, play with your voice, act out and you won’t believe how much fun your child will have. It is hysterical!

A w wacky, orange- eyed monster, Gruffalo, a cunning mouse capable of outsmarting everyone in the woods, scrambled snake…- the story is as absurd as clever and Axel Scheffler’s pictures prove how ” The Gruffalo” can affect someone’s imagination.

What I love about the book  is, first of all, the craft this book is written with: how witty it is, how well structured and rhymed, how great it is sounds and how it surprises you from cover to cover.  Secondly, I love the fact that the Gruffalo, is not an overly scary beast despite the wart on his nose and other beauty imperfections. That is what I like for children: characters that will not give them nightmares, but will make them laugh and keep them excited every time we open the book.


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