2 “Baa Baa Bedtime” by Susan Curtis

Two times timely posting and oops! Here goes my blogging routine. Embarrassing, I read  to my son at bedtime and I took a snooze myself. On the other hand, perhaps this proves the power of “Baa Baa Bedtime”

“Baa Baa Bedtime” is my second recommendation for your quality time with your own little sweet ones. Even though, a chunky copy with fleecy animals is not what I would pick in the bookstore, we got it as a gift, so why not to give it a try. We don’t regret it as it has been our staple good night rhyme for over two years now

Soft puppet sheep smiling from  colorful illustrations by Janet Samuel are delight for babies. Love at first sight. A perfect background for this amusing, rhythmical read, full of catchy repetitions . The story flows super easily, so it  will stick with you before you know it.

If past the baby age, there are numerous ways to explore the book: counting the sheep, counting girls and boys, playing ” I spy” games, naming emotions… The book is truly inspiring.



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