13. “Snip Snap” What’s that? by Mara Bergman

What’s making that noise? Does your child tend to be scared of the unknown, monsters under the bed, or dragons, even if made of plush? My son is now at this stage. The other day I saw all of his ‘scary’ toys: a rubber dinosaur, dragon, some suspiciously looking cougars and tigers, on our bedroom floor. He didn’t want them in his room for some reason.  A sign of weakness or of being in control?

Either way, if your child seems to be scared of something, read with them ” Snip Snap ! What’s that?”  A creepy alligator will keep them on the edge as his “gnashing teeth” crunch on the piano and chairs. The beast comes closer and closer to three little children. Obviously he will eat them. ” Where the children scared? You bet they were!” I love this line, by the way. But before your  child’s adrenalin level goes through the roof, the little people will turn into virtual heroes with one decisive “Alligator, you get out!” And here is your chance: if children are so naive they can believe in monsters, why not to help them believe they can win over them. Just let them to tell them off, yell at them, show them who is in charge!

I love the way the book is written. It is so interactive. The reader is asked questions, is made to think. I like the humor and grotesque of the whole situation as well. And let’s not forget about the word choices. Swish, swoosh, slither, flicking tongue, flashing eyes… All this makes the alligator so alive, so real, but also so absurd that it turns into funny and harmless. The pictures by Nick Maland, although a bit too busy in my opinion, are a great visual to the story. I like the cartoonish children.

A bottom line is, the book is reading delight I wish I would have written it myself.

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