14. “My Buddy-Daddy” by Aga Chapas

Happy Father’s Day!  There are lots of ways to celebrate the wonders of fatherhood and show the dads in our lives how much we appreciate them. I would usually start with a card, but last year I decided to go one step further and crown my husband’s new role as an awesome father  with words AND pictures. I wrote a picture book.

Although the book was based on observations of my own family, I found out later that there are lots of other boys and dads who can easily relate. Perhaps you can see your husband and son in it as well?

A little boy can’t wait for his dad to get back home from work. As soon as his father enters the house, the magic begins. As soon as the dinner is finished, the living room changes into a soccer field. There is playing with cars, reading books, chasing balloons, snacking on a couch and a good night “I love you”.

The book is written in rhyme, and its light tone is meant to serve as fun read. The cute cartoonish pictures by Dagna Ziolkowska appeal to the small children  by their simplicity and clarity. The book contains two special pages: “My Best Memories as Dad” and “Our Projects” that allow dads to make the book their own. It can come with a personalized dedication.

The book is available for a preview and purchase on my website: http://www.touchwithwords.com.


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