17. “My Truck is Stuck” by Kevin Lewis

A truck gets stuck. ” Rotten luck.” How to make the truck go? Who can tow it? A car full of travelers, a jeep, a bus…? Or perhaps a tow truck with a mechanic? ” What luck! My truck is not stuck!”

This is basically how the story goes. Quite simple and predictable, like the bright and cartoonish pictures by Daniel Kirk.  But unlike the way it was executed. Kevin Lewis, took a few good words, rhymed them, added great pacing, catchy repetitions, spiced it all with humor and arrived at a rhythmic read-aloud that basically reads itself. It is a board book, it is meant for babies and toddlers and I catch myself quoting it regardless of the context! go figure. Both me and my son know it by heart.

Usually, when I borrow a book from the library, we try to exploit it and move on to a new story. No purchase necessary. “My Truck is Stuck” is a different category book. It simply can’t be exploited, so when I spotted it in a bookstore, I just had to buy it. We read it a year ago, we read it yesterday, we will read it again.


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