18. “Llama Llama Mad at Mama” by Anna Dewdney

When my son turned two and people started rolling eyes and mentioning the ‘terrible twos’,  I had no idea what they were talking about. My son was a well-groomed toddler, a bit opinionated but what’s wrong with being assertive? I was excited about his growing independence, coordination and verbal abilities. Now we can truly communicate, I was thinking. What was I thinking?! When he turned two and a half, he mastered the art of opposites, negotiations and lobbying at the Washington D.C. level and  turned my shopping experience into a nightmare blitz. To give you a visual, he plays hide and seek at department stores, does cart races in supermarkets and fills his cart with bananas, pounds of cheese and anything else that is within his reach.

Mama llama takes her baby llama shopping. Of course, this is not what little llama planned for his day, so he doesn’t really cooperate. Out of boredom and to prove a point, I guess, he starts throwing the content of the cart on the floor, until mamma llama, who by the way could play super nanny, puts her foot down. Llama llama gets reminded about being a team with his mommy. They clean the mess together and mama doesn’t forget about a treat after the errand is done.

I just loved the way the shopping drama was solved. I jumped at the first opportunity to  use the team talk and believe it or not, it did work. But of course, my son remembered the whole message… And so, on these hot summer days, we finish our errands with a scoop of vanilla… But don’t we both deserve it?

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