21. “Drum City” by Thea Guidone

I came across this title as I was trying to figure out the latest publishing trends. None of my manuscripts seemed to captivate editors, so I wanted to know what does. “Drum City” did and I have to say: justly so.

A boy is drumming in the yard. More and more children join him  with pots and pans and they start marching through the city. Everybody listens to the power of the beat. Everybody joins the parade. The parade changes the city into the Drum City.

“Drum city” is a read-aloud rhyme. Line by line, and you can’t resist thinking that you are reading to the beat of a drum. The story is so perfectly paced that you can hear the music, the rhythm, you hear it even as you pause. And it is getting louder and louder as the story develops. You are surrounded by millions of drumming drums!


I was a bit skeptical about my almost preschooler’s ability to appreciate fine writing. Well, the book has passed the test. We both love it. Numerous call-for- action-words make the reading a live performance and it keeps us on the edge as the whole city and the world joins the parade. “Let’s drum!”

And so we drum indeed. All in all the kitchen is filled with pots and pans.

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