22. “The Missing Chick” by Valeri Gorbachev

High time for another reading delight by my favorite children’s writer and illustrator. ” The Missing Chick” is basically a detective story. CSI for children, you might say. Mother Hen thought  that her seven chickens were helping her hanging the clothes on the clothes line, but as Mrs. Duck found out there were just six of them. Where is the seventh child??? The whole village engages in the search, including the fire brigade and policemen. Will they find him?

Of course they will. Children’s story without a happy ending is useless. The chick is found and he promises not to get lost again. Until he does of course.

Don’t you know it the first hand? “Mommy, I will not do it again,” my son would look at me with his big eyes after I would tell him off for jumping on the bed. Sure he won’t. Until five minutes later…

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