26. ” The Seven Sneezes” by Olga Cabral

Do you ask your child to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing? So do I.  And so far my son’s been doing accordingly without questioning my instructions, and without me going into the details of infectious diseases. How to bring it to the preschooler level anyway? No idea. Well, thanks to ” The Seven Sneezes” I do have a great story at hand.

Have you heard of a  rag man with magically charged sneezes? Every time he would sneeze, some weird and unpredictable  thing would happen. Once he made a dog meow and a cat bark, for example. He also glued a boy’s shoe onto his head and a cut off a rooster comb. Can the rag man fix it now? (if not, Bob the Builder probably can, right?)

Now, every time we see someone sneeze, I always refer to the magical side effects of sneezing. You never know, anybody can have the rag man’s power. It’s better not to risk causing trouble, so cover your mouth when sneezing everyone, will you?

The book is surely entertaining. It is a little long so I do not suppose your little ones would sit through it but it is perfectly suitable for a more focused preschooler. Bruce Ingman did a good job with very expressive illustrations. I like the mix of color pictures and pencil doodles. I do have some remarks as far as the story, though. I think that the introduction is a bit too descriptive and boring and the whole writing is a bit too wordy. It almost makes the pictures redundant. What’s more, the ending is quite confusing and even I don’t really know how the rag man reverses the spells all in all, let alone my little reader.


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