33. “The Fish Who Cried Wolf” by Julia Donaldson

Have you ever noticed that there is at least one aquarium in most of the libraries? Of course it is a clean and silent pet, but so is snake. There must be some link between books and fish, don’t you think? Perhaps these colorful, peaceful creatures swimming quietly in a glass bowl help us to detach from reality and enhance our imagination? How about a book about a fish with a big imagination?

Tiddler was little, but he talked big. He dreamed big tales and every time he was late for school he would provide a mind-boggling excuse, like “I swam into a treasure chest, and someone closed a lid.” Nobody believed Tiddler’s stories, but for little Johnny Dory, who shared them excitedly with his grandma. One day, however, the dreams came true and Tiddler is taken on  a scary adventure beyond his imagination. How did little Johnny Dory and his gossipy grandma help Tiddler get home?

I would never guess that a book about fish will appeal to my son. He knows water only from the swimming pool and fish from libraries, as you could judge from the opening sentence, but somehow the rainbow sea gang makes him sit breathless throughout this not so short, mind you, story. He memorizes different fish names and spots them in the bright pictures (by Axel Scheffler, naturally). I am not sure he fully comprehends the intricacy of the tale, but whatever he gathers keeps him entertained.

Another work of genius by Julia Donaldson. The way the whole plot comes together- simply stunning. I believe Tiddler has learned her story telling from a real master.



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