34. “A Particular Cow” by Mem Fox

Some books can amaze you with the richness of vocabulary, and some will strike you with just one word. It has to be a very particular word, though, like particular.

On a particular Saturday, a particular cow “on the moove” experienced a particular series of bad luck. It was really “baaa…d,” as a goat noticed at some point. The cow stole a particular pair of bloomers  (I had no idea what it was either), she bumped into a particular postman, ruined the hair of a particular bride... Go figure. It is absurdity at it’s best. Reading this book is like watching America’s Funniest Videos. You just can’t help laughing at other people’s misfortune.

My son loves the clumsy cartoonish characters and the amusing comment  bubbles, so we have already read the book several times since yesterday. Now I am sure that my son has a good understanding of the word particular. 


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