35. “Little Bitty Mousie” by Jim Aylesworth

If you like books that both entertain and educate children, this book has it all. The delightful story accompanied by crisp, colorful pictures by Michael Hague triggers an instantaneous glee from the very first pages, and your child is learning the alphabet without even knowing it.

A curious little mouse,  that reminds me a bit of Angelina Ballerina, “crept into a house one night to see what she could see.” She came across an Apple, Butter, Carrot….Jelly, Ketchup, Lipstick… I am not going to reveal all the little finds, but I assume you already know what letters the things will start with. I can only add that the most thrilling discovery hides under the letter Z. It will make the little mouse “run run run running!”

The story is written in rhyme which make it very easy to memorize for children, so they can “read” it with you. Besides, it contains a refrain: “Tip-tip tippy tippy went her little mousie toes. Sniff-sniff sniffy sniffy went her little mousie nose.” It is such a wonderful addition to this already melodic script. 

The alphabet that was so cleverly smuggled into the story is a perfect tool for practicing letters and phonics. Every page is basically a flash card with a word and a picture. I ask my son what he can see, then we read the first letter of the word and debate what sound it makes. We also try to memorize all the things that the mouse has seen in the correct order. It’s amazing how much with this book without boring your children, isn’t it?

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