36. “A Picnic with Monet” by Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober

I used to visit a museum in every city I visited. I still do. A Children’s Museum, Natural History Museum…  I tried to buck the trend a year ago and I took my son to the Museum of Fine Arts in Cleveland. We basically jogged through different exhibition halls to keep up with my son’s attention span and to save other visitors from undesired sound effects, and left immediately after his attempt to kick a huge ball sculpture resting in the middle of the room. Well, he could not read the “do not touch” signs. We ended our tour in the gift shop and cafeteria. It was a great cultural experience, considering the circumstances.

So, how and when do you introduce your child to the Fine Arts?

We have started with a little board book. ” A Picnic with Monet” is a collection of painting by the very Master, accompanied by a poetic text. The words and images act in a perfect harmony and take a child on a lyrical journey to the world of Claude Monet. We start off at the Saint-Lazare Train Station in Paris, pass by the fields of poppies, a pond of water lilies… and end up on the Waterloo Bridge. The whole tour is magical and  the book’s enchanting power is truly impressive.

My son’s favorite painting is Gare Saint-Lazare. Which one appeals the most to your child?


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