37. “Hello My Name is Bob” by Linas Alsenas

Bob is orderly, diligent and likes to…sit. Jack is wacky, fearless and can’t sit still. “It’s amazing how two bears who are so different can be friends.” Yet, they are. Very good friends.  And by the way, also quite funny ones. Boring or crazy they can crack you up.

The book is sheer reading pleasure. Dry humor shines through both text and pictures.  My son carries the book around the house asking me to read it over and over again. He keeps quoting it and “wacky” is his new favorite word.

On a serious note, I love the message that the story brings. In the era of celebrities and trend setters, we may not forget that we are all different and we should appreciate our uniqueness. We all have so much to offer even if we think we are useless and pathetic. Opposites attract, after all, so why copycat and imitate? We are not a box of cookies made with the same cookie cutter.  How boring would that be! On the other hand we should also remember that “at the end of the day, we are not THAT different. Jack can be boring, just like me.”

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