39. “I’m not sleepy!” by Jonathan Allen

My son has been potty trained for a year now, yet he tends to put off going to the restroom when he doesn’t want to miss on playtime.  I guess for a little child, interrupting means ending. One time, as  he was wiggling his legs trying not to pee, but denying his need to go potty, I insisted otherwise based on his weird stomping.  “I’m just dancing!” He explained firmly appalled by my accusations.

Baby Owl was sleepy according to everyone but himself. He was stretching, yawning, his eyes were closing, but Baby Owl claimed that he was just preparing for flying lessons, was bored or thinking. He wouldn’t go to bed, until Papa Owl came up with a trick…

“I’m not sleepy!” is such a reality show! Baby Owl is basically my son’s twin. A mirror image if you like.  Deja-vu. Haven’t I read this book before? Oh, no, that was just my son talking!  

The book is such reading pleasure. Fully recommended for every Owl family. Perhaps next time, when you have to fight with your not-so-sleepy-child about the bed time, you  can use Papa Owl’s clever trick?

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