43. “Big Scary Monster” by Thomas Docherty

You are about to skip this post, as you are not interested in books giving your child nightmares, right? Well, don’t. The title is the only “scary” thing about this book, and the only “scary” thing about the Monster is his loneliness.

The Monster was the biggest individual on the top of the mountain and “BOO!” was his awkward way of engaging with the smaller creatures. Hopefully, that is. Everyone deserves some benefit of the doubt, don’t they? He was a bully, sure, but as they say, a bully is a victim, sometimes.  Our Monster was a victim of his odd size. Being different meant struggling with acceptance and we do need to feel accepted to live our lives the right way, don’t we? Besides, the Monster had never been in other creatures’ shoes. He hadn’t known the feeling of fear, until he left the mountain and met beasts bigger than himself. It was a great lesson for Big Scary Monster. It completely changed the way things were on the top of the mountain.

I really like the complexity, gravity and relevance of the message.  Misleading appearances, friendship, bullying… Small can be big sometimes, depending on the distance, and big doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems.


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