48. “Where’s My Mom?” by Julia Donaldson

Let me start with a little anecdote. One day when I was failing to find a video my son had insisted to watch, Victor impatiently commented: “Mommy, why do you keep on getting it wrong?” I cracked up. Isn’t it what the monkey said to butterfly? My son quoted Julia Donaldson. No wonder, we have read “Where’s My Mom?” a zillion times at least. And no wonder we have. It is a great picture book, indeed.

A little monkey has lost his mom and the jungle Sherlock Holmes, butterfly, tries to trace her following the little monkey clues. She is big, but she isn’t an elephant, she has legs, but she isn’t a spider, she is soft but she is not a bat… Why can’t butterfly get it right? Where does it get those random suggestions? Well, if you think about butterfly’s babies and what they look like…

The whole monkey family gets reunited in the end, which is great, but the laughs that you get from the whole silly misunderstanding are guaranteed on every page. Delicious read!



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