49. “Push Button” by Aliki

“I know a little boy, a Push-Button boy,” goes the opening sentence and I happen to live with that button pusher under the same roof.  As most boys, my son is pretty mechanical and pressing buttons is his favorite pass time. It is often helpful, I can’t deny. He can basically make my espresso now, turn on the music, turn off the light… There some less pleasing side effects, however, as when I find my empty dishwasher running again…

“FLOP- toast pops up, VROOM- car goes zoom,” BANG, CLACK, RING… page by page you get a litany of onomatopoeic expressions, so crucial in learning to speak, with a cute and funny visual. It is pure entertainment and if you make an effort to produce some extra special sound effects as you read the rhyme, children will have a real show.

But the book is more than a children’s dictionary of sounds. There is a little story to it. A boy’s finger gets sore from all the pushing and pressing which makes him discover different activities like hopping, hiding, running or… reading. I like that. After all, even future engineers have to broaden their horizons from time to time.

As far as engineers, my technically trained husband keeps telling a joke that it is not a question if our son will be an engineer, but what kind. The funniest part of this joke its that he is quite serious. I just keep rolling my eyes and laugh. It is all up to my son. My only request is: love your job and do it well. What do you tell your Push-Button Boys?

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