50. “Watch Out! Big Bro’s Coming!” by Jez Alborough

Little Mouse knew that the rough and tough and “ever so big” Big Bro was coming. He gave the scoop to Frog, Frog warned Parrot, Parrot shared his fear with Chimpanzee, who told the scary news to Elephant.  The beast grew out of proportions by the end of the gossip chain and all the animals hid in panic. And then, Little Mouse’s bigger brother came…

The book is a truly hilarious take on the concept of relativity. It is amazing how huge certain not-so-big things appear in the eyes of the little people. I still remember what metropolis my tiny home town seemed to me when I was seven, and now? The world is shrinking as we grow, isn’t it? At the same time some other things grow bigger as we travel. When I lived in Europe, I thought I knew how big big was. A big cup of coffee was 250 ml, a large pizza was always for sharing, and high building had ten floors. When I moved to the US, I got second thoughts and had to do some readjustments to my reference points. The local big is huge, gigantic, XXX-Large! It makes me think I am shrinking now…

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