53. “One Rainy Day” by Christina Butler

If you need to cool off on a super sunny summer day, why don’t you read a  book about something refreshing, like snow or rain? We chose the rain. Snow might be too much of a temperature shock.

It was raining and Little Hedgehog looked forward to splashing in the puddles in his  yellow raincoat, rain boots and under his red white polka dot umbrella. But not everybody was as happy about the rain. Mole and the Mice lost their homes. Hedgehog was eager to help his friends and thanks to his umbrella slash parachute slash boat, the mission was accomplished and the whole rescue and rescued team ended up at Badger’s for daily chat and a cup of cocoa.

Isn’t it a cute little story of caring and friendship? And the adventures? Mole being blown away by the wind, falling into the river, the mice on the verge of sinking… the children will sit breathless until the happy ending.

I love the warm color pictures by Tina Macnaughton and the bright and shiny accents. And I like the sound words that the story is filled with: pitter-patter, splash, bump…

The book has its snags, though, so let me warn you. Since we brought it home, it hasn’t stopped raining… Go figure! I am glad we didn’t choose a book about a snowy day.


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