54. “Little Otter’s Big Journey” by David Bedford

Little Otter, too scared to dive with his mother to find some food, chooses to wait for her at the edge of the sea. But what baby will stay put and patiently wait for their parents? Bored Little Otter sets out to find his mom. On the way he meets Whale, Pelican and sea lions, which concerned about the safety of the little one, decide to help him on his mission. Eventually, not only does Little Otter find his mother, but he also plucks up enough courage to dive with her on the way home and promises not to float away again.

I love this book and recommend for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is so refreshing to take a break from all the bunnies, kittens and ducklings and read about otters and pelicans for a change. Secondly, the story is so positive and energizing. Little Otter overcomes his fear of diving, other animals are spontaneously helpful, and mother otter seems such a role model. When she wraps her little baby in a blanket of seaweed, she seems so caring. She teaches her baby independence, but it doesn’t stop her from being wisely protective: “No matter where you are, my baby, I’ll always find you.”

And as far as the illustrations by Susan Winter, I have never thought that otters can be so cute!




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