55. “Moose on the Loose” by Kathy-jo Wargin

“What would you do with a moose on the loose?” What if you bumped into him in your yard, or in your kitchen, or in your bathroom?! Well, I would most likely stare at the beast or start screaming, or both at the same time. However, it seems that children might take a different, more daring approach. Who knows, if my son was the lucky moose-on-the-loose-finder, he might want to play hide and seek with him, or take turn turns on slides. They could even cook together and the moose might sleep in his bed? Kathy-jo Wargin has surely put lots of wacky ideas in my little boy’s head!  Luckily, at least she gave me the last say as far as the moose’s potential moving-in with us…

This absurd and amusing read-aloud is a sheer pleasure! I don’t want to make any uncomfortable comparisons, but the story reminds me a bit of my  favorite “If you Give a Moose a Muffin” and the rhyme pattern brings Dr. Seuss on my mind. So, if you like either, you must fall in love with the book. My son already has. He has memorized most of the text, as well, so we read it in duet laughing at the far-fetched would-should-could hypotheses. All in all it’s better to be prepared for a one-on-one encounter with a moose at large. You never know what’s hiding around the corner…

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