56. “Good Night Engines” by Denise Dowling Mortensen

A little boy is playing with his cars, trucks, trains and other vehicles. I am not so versed in different types, so I’d rather not go into details. The sun is setting and it is time for all the engines to stop their work and take a night-time rest. The plane is landing, big rigs are pulling up at the parking, fire engine gets back to the fire station… The boy puts his toys away. It is time for bed. “Tired engine… say good night.”

It is a different kind of bed time story. No hugs and kisses, no shining stars, but if your child loves cars like mine, this little moto-rhyme will captivate them. When we read the book in the library and my son saw the last picture in the book: a little boy in bed sleeping and holding his little read car, he thought he had found a soul mate. The smile on his face was priceless. We had to bring the book home immediately.

Melisa Iwai did a great job with illustrations. The pictures fully reflect the sleepy and poetic mood of the story. I love the orange-pink-blue sky. Besides, you actually never know whether  you read about toys or real engines and that makes the story full of surprises every time you turn a page.

And lastly, I like the comparison of a little boy with a little engine. My little engine is still sleeping. And together with him is sleeping a little hummer and a race car.


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