59. “Does a Hippo say AHH?” by Fred Ehrlich,MD

Going to the doctor can be indeed a ‘traumatic’ experience for a little child.  Before my son’s last check up, he commented as we entered the hospital: “I think I don’t love this place…” And I don’t blame him. Most check-ups include getting shots and those can’t be fun. However, I don’t want my son to live in a fear of hospitals and doctors and  that’s why, once again, I turned to my loyal assistant: Early Experiences series published by Blue Apples Books.

“Does a hippo go to the doctor? Oh, no! A hippopotamus won’t lie down on the examining table.” How about a zebra, a horse, an elephant?  It turns out that some animals don’t, some animals see a veterinarian, and little boys and girls get checked and treated  by friendly doctors and nurses, who use lots of interesting equipment and give stickers at the end of the visit.

This little booklet is a great tool to humorously explain to the child what a doctor’s visit is about. I fully recommend it if you want your child to be informed and have some good laughs imagining a rhino getting a shot.


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