61. “The Amazing Journey to Grandma’s House” by Cheryl Hawkinson and Mary Eakin

It is about 9.30 pm. I should be reading my son good night stories. Normally. But today he is on vacation and I am writing a blog. Yes, my little-big boy is visiting his grandparents. And they do not live next door.  Sometimes I feel bad for my son that his grandma is not a part of his everyday life, as it was in my case. But on the other hand, he can always have a superb vacation, which starts with a  looooooong journey.

A little boy in the book can’t wait to see his grandma. How is he going to get there? Perhaps in a red race car ( that is Victor’s choice), or on a fast horse, or in a helicopter,  or maybe carried by a giant freagle??? Well anything is an option in a dream…

The book is not only a delightful story with colorful vocabulary and amusing alliterations, but it also has great visual and audio effects. The pictures by Tom Patrick are crisp and bright and the sound buttons are so much fun to press for  the little fingers.

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