62. “Click-Clack Crocodile’s back!” by Kathryn White

Although the market is flooded with pictures books, finding a good one is not always a matter of fact. Some books will be funny but poorly written, other books will have a good story but pictures will be boring, and so on. Well, this book has virtually everything.

A little monkey outsmarts a big croc and saves his jungle friends with one clever idea: gifts.  A greedy crocodile could not resist a coat made of banana peel, coconut earrings and other flashy and rattling accessories.  He surely looks sharp, but now he can forget about his dinner. It can’t be found. 

A story about a clever monkey is surely a clever story. Every victim is a predator and vice versa, as they say. It is important not to get used to one role, I guess. Secondly, the superb writing: interesting rhyme patterns, alliterations, onomatopoeic expressions… It all comes together, it is all well-balanced, it brings out the humor.  And last but not least, the illustrations by Joelle Dreidemy. They immediately grab children’s attention with bright colors and lively characters.

I just love the story about the brave little monkey and my son enjoys it with me.


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