67. “I Am a Backhoe” by Anna Grossnickle Hines

If your child likes trucks then I am sure that reading books about trucks are a part of your daily routine. Most likely, you also have toy trucks scattered around your house and perhaps even a construction worker outfit  hanging in your child’s closet. We’ve been reading about trucks, watching truck videos and playing with trucks as well, but since we discovered the book “I Am a Backhoe” , we added one more item to our already heavily loaded repertoire. Now we also pretend we are trucks. All kinds of trucks. Here you are, guess what I am: “I stretch my arms into the sky, way up high. Bend, hook, lift. Swooooshhh. Swing, Drop. I am…”  

This is truly so much fun! We read, we think, we play and we exercise at the same time. Very creative and 100% engaging!


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