70. “Soup Day” by Melissa Iwai

I don’t want to jump into conclusions but the summer is wrapping it’s business around here. Mornings and evenings are California style and it’s been quite rainy and stormy lately. Before we know it, ice cream days will turn into soup days. Let’s start cooking then!

A little girl goes grocery shopping with her mom to buy carrots, potatoes, onions and other fresh ingredients needed for soup.  At home they wash the vegetables, cut them in a variety of shapes and then cook everything in a big pot with oil and water. Last goes in the alphabet pasta. While the soup is cooking, the two chefs pass the time playing, reading and hiding from monsters. Finally, the soup is ready, daddy is home and it is time to serve the yummy dinner. “Mmmm! I love soup day.”

“Soup Day”  is basically a Snowy Day Vegetable Soup recipe with detailed cooking instructions, written in a Sesame-Street-style.  It is clear and informative, but also fun and very engaging. It teaches children all the important facts about hygiene and safety: we must wash vegetables before eating them, children should use a plastic knife, etc.  The book can be used as tool to practice colors and shapes: “green celery, yellow onions… the carrots become circles, potatoes become cubes…” But first of all, “Soup Day” promotes cooking together with children and eating soup. I support that 100%! My son is only three but he’s been my sous-chef for a while now. He adds salt when we cook pasta, he stirs pancake batter and rolls out the cookie dough. The food tastes so much better with his magical touch.

Have you discovered your children’s cooking skills yet? What are their signature dishes?

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