73. “Little Bear’s Big Sweater” by David Bedford

Little Bear wanted to do whatever Big Bear did. He was especially happy and proud when his older brother outgrew his favorite sweater and it was Little Bear’s turn to wear it. Little Bear loved playing with his bigger brother. Unfortunately, not to the Big Bear’s delight. He didn’t really enjoy being a role-model and he didn’t need a little copy-cat follower. One day, after Big Bear told Little Bear off for spoiling his “wibble-wobble” fun and ruining the sweater in the mud, the little guy ran away into the woods. At first the big guy was happy about being alone, but eventually he started missing the little trouble-maker. He set out to look for him and he found him thanks to… the sweater. The story ends with hugs and apologies and enough sweaters for everyone. 

This story is a real celebration of brotherly love. It is filled with bickering and rivalry but it is built on a strong foundation. Little guys look up to their older siblings and basically promote them to a hero-level. And the older ones? At first act annoyed and bothered, but eventually quietly beam with pride.

I recommend this touching story (and  a touch-and-feel book at the same time) with extra cute pictures by Caroline Pedler to every parent of siblings who struggle to define their relationship.


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