76. “I Stink” by Kate and Jim McMullan

Have you ever wondered what a garbage truck thinks about itself? Well, first of all, it is very much aware of its importance, that’s what! And it is very competent, that too! And if you want to know more about its busy day, or night, actually, it will gladly introduce you to its stinky-not-so-stinky work routine. Oh, oh! The trash truck spotted some garbage bags on the side of the street. Pull over! “Tail gate?  Say AH! Feed me!” There is still room for a load of alphabet soup. The ingredients? Dirty Diapers, Jam Jars, Nasty Neckties, Zipped-up Ziti with Zucchini… How does it sound to you? Eventually, the truck unloads the garbage on a barge by the river.  It is empty and beat. It is time for a little snooze. Have you ever thought we could do without this mighty stinker?  Well, think  “Mount Trash-o-rama, baby.”

Brilliant! First of all the genius idea of making a garbage truck a children’s book hero. A stinky truck is supposed to conquer the hearts of our little preschoolers? No doubt about it!  Secondly, the story is basically one big garbage truck’s monologue, bursting with numerous sound words, slang words, rhetorical questions. It is so incredibly engaging! Then, let me mention the most wacky educational element: the most disgusting Alphabet Soup Recipe, to teach the letters to our sweeties. How can they like that? Oh, my son just loves it!

And last but not least, the relevance of the message: we produce so much trash that our cities can drown in it. Shouldn’t we do something about it? Perhaps a little bit of green thinking on a daily basis? Giving up individually packed products for the sake of bigger packages, using washable towels, swapping bottled water for filtered water… And always respect your garbage truck. It stinks, but without it, we would more.


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