80. “Here Comes Gosling” by Sandy Asher

It’s time to call on our friends Froggie and Rabbit again. What are they up to this time?

Well, Froggie and Rabbit were getting ready for a visit of Goose, Gander and their new baby, Gosling. Froggie was hyper excited. Not about waiting, though. ” Wait… can’t wait… gotta wait… gonna wait.” Luckily, Rabbit had the whole waiting time filled with activities, like choosing a picnic spot or fixing lunch. Froggie realized that waiting was quite fun! And then the guests arrived and Gosling’s excruciating and unstoppable  honking began. Froggie decided that he could perfectly wait a bit longer, and as he as he did,  he hummed a little song and danced a little dance. Before long, Gosling’s screaming stopped. Froggie earned a goosey kiss form a happy baby and the whole party had a great picnic with a cake and games, until the baby gave a goosey snore and it was time to say  ‘Toodle-oo’.

Waiting is surely not what children do best, isn’t it? The whole concept of time seems so puzzling to the little ones. Although my son fully operates on tomorrow, later and next week, I am not really sure how he comprehends those words. I still remember my own confusion as far as the notion of time. Once, I was waiting for my favorite cartoon to start. My dad told me it would begin “in ten minutes”. I was asking him if it was the time yet, basically every thirty seconds.

Now, although I get the idea of time pretty well, I even now that it can fly, I still have some issues with waiting. I like to have a plan, but at the same time, waiting for too long builds up such high expectations of the awaited event, that it takes away the fun of it. I always want my birthdays to be happy days, for example. And then I get so stressed out and my big day turns out a cranky day.

Anyways, “Here Comes Gosling” is a wonderful way of bridging the concept of waiting to children. Especially to those expecting the arrival their younger siblings…

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