81. “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” by Laura Numeroff

My son eats donuts because of his dad’s guilty eating habits. Whenever they would go out and about, “just the boys”, they would end up having donuts. My son knows muffins, partly due to my own sweet tooth, but mainly thanks to Laura Numeroff.

What will happen if you give a moose a muffin? Of course, he will ask for jam to go with it, right? And then he will want another muffin. Or perhaps a whole new batch. The beast might end up in your kitchen, wearing your sweater. You might get involved in making scenery for some wacky puppet show. Someone might say BOO at some point and there will be lots of cleaning up to do. As you can tell, treating a moose with one muffin can bear serious consequences, so think twice.

The book is a real treat, baked with the best quality ingredients. There is nothing predictable about the story (unless you have already read it sixty-seventh times, and I bet you eventually will). Every line is a surprising bite that will make your little reader burst with laughter. The humorous pictures by Felicia Bond go with the story like blackberry jam with muffins. You just want more and more of this yummy reading delight and so you keep reading it. I would say, it is a rather safe addition, so just go for it.


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