85. “Biscuit Visits the Big City” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

If your little reader is a fan of a friendly puppy, Biscuit,  likes big cities, or hot-dogs, this book has it all.

Biscuit and his companion pay a visit to a friend in a big city. There is so much to discover: tall buildings, fast cars, lots of people… One has to be very careful.  Suddenly the dog runs away. The girl starts to worry that her puppy will get lost, but in fact, the dog has just found their friend faster. It is a very special friend. He sells hot-dogs, so everyone gets a special treat. Including Biscuit. Go figure. 

My son loves the “Biscuit” series. Since he starts showing interest in reading by himself, the simple lines and helpful pictures by Pat Schories are just a perfect fit. Besides, “Biscuit Visits the Big City” is a great introduction to the wild world of bigger towns. One needs to switch on different instincts when surrounded by sky-scrapers, honking taxi cabs and neon lights.  And last but not least, Biscuit is the guy who talked my son into eating hot-dogs. My husband tried many times, but failed. So did my mother. But when recently my little picky eater suddenly wanted a hot-dog, “the same like Biscuit”, we all knew who made my son truly an American boy.

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