87. “Little Quack’s Hide and Seek” by Lauren Thompson

Do you remember our little friend, Quack?  Well, he’s gone a long way since his first lesson of swimming.

Mama Duck and her little ducklings are playing hide-and-seek. Little Quack claims to find the best place to hide. As mama Duck counts, Piddle, Puddle, Widdle and Waddle quickly choose their hiding spots: in a log, under the water, on a branch or in the grass. But Little Quack doesn’t know where to go. As mama says “Ten! Here I come” Little Quack gets the last-minute bright idea. Mama finds her ducklings one by one, but where is her smallest baby?

Are you going to help her find Little Quack? Not only will you have fun joining every child’s favorite game, but also, you will have a chance practicing counting till ten using  a unique tool: QUACK-U-LATOR.

The book is delightful on all levels. The story is as entertaining as educational and the bright and sunny pictures by Derek Anderson are as cute as the ducklings. The yellow-feathered swimmers are great role models, teaching active play, team play and  learning through play. In other words, the creative ducklings are surely theee friends you want to have over for a play-date.


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