88. “Monday is One Day” by Arthur A. Levine

For a little child there is just one time: NOW. And there is just one tense: Present Immediate. But, children grow and you do need to somehow teach them about the past and the future, about years, months and weeks. We started with the days of the week.

“Monday is One Day” is a charming little rhyme about a big dilemma that most of the working parents share: parting with their children. Of course, the not working parents, including myself,  have their own pricks of conscience, regarding not bringing home an income, but this is a theme for another post. Working parents leave for work on Monday and that is where their countdown starts. They start to count days till they can be home again with their families. ” And Sunday’s our fun day, a kiss and a cuddle, (…) A sweet family muddle!” And what do the working parents count Monday THROUGH Sunday?  Well, why don’t you read the story and find out….

Perhaps it is too abstract and too poetic for the little children? I can’t decide. My son listens to every line and looks at every picture by Julian Hector. I like the idea of including an image of a gay family into the story, by the way.

And as you, my little boy, memorize the names of different days of the week, “Monday through Sunday, the whole week through, each day I count the ways I love to be with you.”


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