91. “Cloudette” by Tom Lichtenheld

Since it’s been raining on and off for the whole weekend, why not to introduce someone who might be behind this enhanced precipitation? Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Cloudette.

Cloudette is a little cloud, as you can tell by her name. She is much smaller than her other cloud buddies, but she doesn’t mind. Usually. Her petite size allows her to do things the bigger clouds can’t do, like hiding between two towers or sitting on the crescent of the moon. And besides, everyone calls her cute little names. Who wouldn’t like to be called shortcake?! But sometimes Cloudette would love to be a bit more chunky, so she could  join her X-large friends at doing something important, like watering the crops and causing rainbows. Well, unfortunately, she can’t change her dimension, but as Cloudette eventually finds out, she doesn’t need to grow in size to do big things. Ask the frogs.

An original take on the concept of big and small and how misleading appearances can be. Big is always assumed to be more successful, powerful, with a larger potential, and who wants to be the useless, easy to ignore and doomed to fail small? Well, Cloudette’s mini size doesn’t stop her from dreaming big and acting greatly and this is how she discovers what a giant she really is.  A great attitude Cloudette!

And what a great book, Tom Lichtenheld! The witty script and the humor bursting from every picture make this book a superbly outstanding piece of work. Pleasure to read  for children and adults alike.


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