92. “Baby Bird’s First Nest” by Frank Asch

Yesterday, Cloudette showed us that small is not only cute and beautiful but also, that small can do important things. In today’s story, a little Baby Bird illustrates how capable little creatures can be if given proper guidance.

Baby Bird fell out of his nest at night. He was lost and hopeless. How can he get back home? After  little brainstorming with a friendly frog, he turned his frustration into creativity and built his own little nest. Unfortunately a less friendly raccoon was passing by and the birdie had to hide. He couldn’t follow the frog to the pond as he would drown, so he jumped on a branch, which saved his life. That gave the frog an idea. If the Baby Bird could jump on a branch, he can also hop on another, a bit higher, until he gets back to his nest. And this is just what the little bird did.

I really like the message this story conveys. It shows how skillful and resourceful children can be. If given faith and guidance, they can do  anything they want to do. I hope to be as observant as the friendly frog and  help my son reach the top of his potential. One step at a time, right?

Enjoy the book, even though I have to say, it is not super-well written (too many distractions) and enjoy discovering new strengths in your little birds. They can fly high if you let them.



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