95. “Excuse Me… Are you a Witch?” by Emily Horn

Excuse me, are you a witch? Oh, no, I didn’t mean to be mean. I am just hinting towards my new book recommendation.

Forget Harry Potter! With all due respect to this marketing phenomenon, but hasn’t this story gotten weirder and weirder by volume? Emily Horn’s work, on the other hand, grants you a fine trip to the world of magical wands and witch-craft, especially if your little reader is not into the black magic yet.

Herbert was a homeless cat. He was black, ergo lonely (some superstitions should be banned, shouldn’t they?), yet, he was very well read. You might have seen him at your local library. Herbert was hoping to find a witch, as according to The Encyclopedia of Witches, witches loved black cats most of all animals. Poor thing, he didn’t have much luck finding one. He scared a girl in striped stockings, he made a street sweeper laugh and he was scooted away by a woman with a big cauldron. But back at the library… Who were those girls in pointed hats? And why did Herbert move into the witch-school? You might want to find out.

I just love it. It’s been a while since a book touched me this deeply. Partially, it is due to the brilliantly written script, but also to Pawel Pawlak’s incredible pictures, which totally bring out the coziness and the magical spirit of this little story about the cutest little black cat and his search for love and acceptance.

Superb and outstanding! You certainly want your child to meet Herbert!


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