96. “Red, Red, Red” by Valeri Gorbachev

Turtle walked briskly through town to see something “red, red, red”. Could it be Mrs. Raccoon’s roses or Rabbit’s tomatoes. Perhaps he wanted to see Mr. Goat’s red socks the freshly painted red roof of Mrs. Fox’s house? Turtle negated all the suggestions with a tripple “no, no, no” and hurried on. And behind him, followed a line of intrigued friends. Finally, as they got to the top of the hill, and saw the mysterious “red, red, red”,  all they could say was a happy “AHHHHHHH”. That’s how impressive the sunset was!

Out of all miracles of nature, sunset is in my opinion the least appreciated one. Yes, we all WOW about it should we happen to be in the right place at the right time, but who makes a conscious effort just to go and look at it? Who puts it on their daily agenda? We just don’t. Unless you are a professional photographer. Perhaps, it is the intangibility of the moment that frustrates us? Or perhaps, we take it for granted that we have a countless number of sunsets at our hands and we can always go and see it another day? Well, Turtle knew better.

Valeri Gorbachev did it again. He wrote the book and created the pictures that fully engaged and entertained not only my son, but also me. “Red, Red, Red” is surely my favorite story by this great writer and illustrator.



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