99. “Duck at the Door” by Jackie Urbanovic

Max was a curious duck. He thought he would take to winter.  Alas, he didn’t, but luckily he found a cosy shelter at Irene’s. Why not? She already had a house filled with dogs, cats and birds. Max  had to learn a few domestic things, but before long he cooked like a professional chef, took charge of the remote control and felt pretty much at home. By the end of the winter everybody had enough of Max… Luckily his flock returned from the south so hug, hug, hug and he was gone. But by the end of the summer, everybody was missing Max! Knock, Knock at the door. Is it Max? Max and… 

LOL guaranteed once you get to the end plus many giggles on every page. Delightful, feel-good read for the whole family. You will be amused by the cartoonish pictures that playfully interact with the text and the funny side dialogues that wonderfully complement the main story. And last but not least, Max is a real charmer indeed. I am not surprised that Irene and her gang couldn’t help missing him. My son has fallen in love with this quacking trouble-maker!



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