100. “Construction Countdown” by K. C. Olson

It is the 100th post! Hooray! 266 more and we have a book for every day of the year. Since it is such a round number, why not to celebrate with a book about counting? Your toddler or preschooler has surely mastered his or her numbers by now, and perhaps your child can even fluently count till…10, 20, 30, 100? Why not to challenge our little mathematicians a bit and have them count backwards? And even better, let’s do it with construction machines! ” Ten mighty dump trucks rolling down the road… Nine earthmovers… eights bulldozers…”  How much fun is that!

Of course, although the book is cleverly educational and illustrated with engaging pictures by David Gordon, it might seem of limited appeal since not every little person cares about rollers and backhoes, but it can serve as an inspiration for every parent. You can use your child’s personal interests, whether it is dolls, animals or cars and count on those. It is not a new theory that children learn better if they can emotionally relate to the subject.

Yesterday my son was learning to draw straight lines. The lines were pretty wavy at first and he didn’t bother to improve them. But when I told him that by not going straight, he would crash into other cars, his lines magically straightened up. Go figure.

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