101. “Busy, Busy Mouse” by Virginia Kroll

Although mice  and people do not mix, there are some exceptions. Who doesn’t love Micky Mouse for example? Today I ‘d like you to meet another charming and a very busy rodent and his family. Oh, yes, he does have a family. Or perhaps just roommates. Actually, they don’t even know about his existence,  but since their paths never cross anyway, it’s better to stay incognito.

As the family start their day, the Mouse gets ready for bed. They fry eggs for breakfast, he has milk and cookies. The family play and talk, and the Mouse is fast asleep. But as the people sit down to dinner, they don’t even realize that their mini roommate is just waking up and getting ready for a night of wild adventures. 

The story is truly ingenious. Or should I say: stories. With the very minimum number of words, Virginia Kroll and Fumi Kosaka (illustrator) created a lively picture of a busy house that actually never sleeps.  The melodic rhyme and illustrations wonderfully complement each other and keep the reader fully engaged. There are so many details to giggle about!

This book sheds a new light on rodents in our houses. I don’t wish you having mice as your tenants, but if you happen to hear some mini-noises at night, don’t panic. It is just  a busy mouse having fun.


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