103. “Stinky Smelly Feet” by Margie Palatini

Although shoe shopping counts as a hobby for many women, I find it horribly frustrating. It always takes me forever to find what I need and when I do find the right pair, I just pray I can wear them as long as I can, to avoid hitting stores again. Now, that I have to shop for my son’s shoes as well, the frustration has doubled. I wish he could wear Crocs all year round, but unfortunately, he also needs sandals and sneakers. And for a person as undecided as me,  it is not easy to find the shoes that would be great for running, wouldn’t let in the sand in and keep the wood chips from the park away. Last summer, I have also learned to avoid smelly shoes. That’s right. Some children’s shoes can make you fade.

I know that Dolores can relate. Her prince charming, Douglas, had stinky shoes as well. Or feet. Whether it was one or the other was never concluded but taking off shoes by Douglas in the presence of Dolores was always risky. She passed out during a romantic outing in the park, when the couple were about to “let the grass tickle their toes”. A long bubbly bath was supposed to help, but when Douglas was trying to take out a pebble stuck in his shoe, while in the movie theatre, Dolores, as well as the rest of the audience, fainted again. Even taking precautions at the beach, like providing Dolores with a clothes pin for her nose, wouldn’t prevent her from blacking out. Throwing away the stinky pile of shoes Douglas had in his closet was a temporary solution, but his stinky feet stayed stinky, no matter what. But Douglas and Dolores had true love and this was what really mattered.

Here you go, my first love story recommendation for little children. A romantic comedy, I would even say. Even though it is quite long, it is very engaging and provides lots of laughter from cover to cover. Ethan Long’s cartoonish illustrations greatly interact with the text. The humor that sparks from every picture is first class. Dolores doing her pedicure is just a riot! Very funny, indeed!

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