104. “Matthew’s Truck” by Katherine Ayres

Matthew and his truck like to be on the road. They drive on bumpy roads, a.k.a. carpet, or  slippery, hard-wood roads. They zoom up a handrail or a hill, as they would call it, or tumble down the stairs, which in their pretend games serve as cliffs. Sometimes they have to climb a steep Mount Sofa or splash into a deep Fish Bowl Lake. Wherever they go, they are always together. Even at night, the truck is safely parked next to Matthew’s pillow…

Whether your child is called Matthew, knows someone called Matthew, or perhaps he or she just likes trucks, this story  is surely a reading delight for everyone. The simplicity of the structure, limited wording and well-selected auto-jargon and interesting pacing, turn this book into a fun truck ride, which together with bright pictures by Hideko Takahasi can tickle everybody’s imagination at the first glance. A very cute picture book!  A perfect gift for every little Matthew and not only. My son found this book personal on many levels: his middle name is Matthew, his dad is called Matthew and so are many of his park friends.

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