105.”Pug in a Truck” by Nancy Coffelt

They say that dogs and their owners tend to share certain features. I guess people choose pets with traits that appeal to them and seem familiar on some level. But how about a dog that looks like his owner’s truck?  Meet, Pug. His nose is as flat as the truck’s front. But that is not the only similarity. They both are tough, they both are loud. Both, the dog and the truck’s breaks, bark. They both need to fuel up at the truck stop!

“Pug in a Truck” is a hilarious take on a life behind the wheel, as seen by a dog. It is written in a very simple language and illustrated with bright pictures, that appeal to children. At the same time, the text is studded with humorous jargon, which makes reading this book even more fun. Your little truckers can learn a new meaning of such words like roller skate, toothpicks or dragon wagon.

By the way, did you know that pugs are one of the oldest breeds? I am not an expert in pugs myself but lately my knowledge has broadened drastically thanks to a little puppy, Daisy. I have to say, mini pugs are quite cute indeed!

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