106. “The Adventures of Taxi Dog” by Debra and Sal Barracca

Yesterday we dealt with a dog in a truck, today let me introduce a dog in a taxi cab.

Maxi,  was a New yorker. Born and raised. He didn’t belong to the Manhattan elite, though. He was a homeless dog. Luckily, his rough life turned around when he met Jim, a taxi driver.  AS a result of this encounter, Maxi has got a home and  Jim has gained a loyal companion. ” Me and Jim- we’re a team! I’m always there at his side.” And indeed, now, Jim and Maxi spend all days driving around the city in their yellow cab. Their passengers are far from ordinary: singers, clowns, parents-to-be. Everybody has to get somewhere fast, and  Jim and Maxi must bring them there on time.  Who knows, perhaps one day you will be their passenger as well. Don’t forget to tip them well! Apparently Maxi puts on a big-tip worthy show during the ride.

As I was reading this delightful rhyme to my son, I couldn’t help thinking about a comment by an established writer’s agent, regarding rhymes. It seems that rhymed manuscript submitted to agents are not even being considered anymore, as rhymed stories are not sophisticated enough for our children.  Go figure! Look, I want to raise a smart and well-read child too, but am I supposed to expose him to Oscar Wilde at the age of three? Come on!

But I agree that rhymes have to be well written. This book is certainly one of those treasures. It tells a touching story and it does it with humor, and in a form that shows a lot of skill and creativity on the side of the writers.  And let’s not forget about the illustrations by Mark Buehner, which wonderfully bring out the spirit of the Big Apple.

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  1. lublin taxi
    Dec 27, 2011 @ 15:26:01

    Bardzo ciekawy post. Jestem mile zaskoczony przydatnością postów na tej stronie. Z pewnością jeszcze zajrzę niedługo tę witrynę


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