107. “If You Give a Pig a Party” by Laura Numeroff

I have already mentioned a Moose that was fond of muffins, now let me introduce you to a real party animal, Pig.

What will happen if you pass a little party idea by a little Pig? Well, she will want to get all dressed up, decorate the house with balloons and will call a bunch of her friends. Unfortunately they won’t be home, so you and Pig will have to go and look for them. Since you will happen to find them at the street fair, you won’t avoid a few rides, games and messy ice-creams. Well, Pig will need to go home to get changed and everybody will tag along. You will have a big dinner to prep and a mass sleep-over to arrange. Somehow, during making a fortress out of blankets, Pig will think about balloons. “And chances are, if you give her some balloons, she is going to ask you for a party.”

Another delightfully absurd chain of events, based on the logic that only children can consider logical. Lots of laughter at every unpredictable idea of  little Pig and her guests, illustrated by humorous pictures by Felicia Bond. Every detail broadens your smile. My favorite page is the hide-and seek game with most creative hiding spots. Can your child find the hidden animals? Have fun! And let’s hope that when you need to throw a party for your little one, their follow-up ideas won’t be as crazy.


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