108. “Monster Trucks!” by Mark Todd

What I find interesting about the children’s literature is that it rejects taboos. Every theme can be turned into a great script, and with some luck, into a bestseller. Mark Todd chose trucks as his heroes and basically wrote an ode to those mighty machines. Imagine that! Then he added brightly colored, creative and engaging portraits of Mr. Salty, Dozer, Smoosh, Big Red and other heavy vehicles. He equipped them with strong  teeth and deepened their souls with expressive eyes. How not to get  attracted by those monsters! And so, after we spotted the book in the library, we dragged it home to recite the monstrous rhyme over and over again. It hasn’t been difficult though. The script is superbly well written. Every truck is presented in a rhythmical septet, filled with powerful sloshingslurping, crushing, burping and other action and sound words defining the size and the might Monster Trucks.   Besides, reading this book is a real diction exercise, as the word choice and numerous alliterations make every line a mouthful to articulate.



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