112. “Little Witch’s Big Night” by Deborah Hautzig

It’s not quite Halloween yet, but it is hard not to think about the upcoming scary night, considering the stores are already decorated with spider webs, pumpkin festivals are mass-advertised and candies are sold only in orange and black. Trick-or-treating night will start before we know it. Get your basket ready. Perhaps, you might even knock on a witch’s house door…

Big Witches were getting ready for their Halloween ride, but Little Witch was grounded. She had been too good: made her bed, cleaned the spider webs under her bed and put away her toys. That’s not what Witch girls do! As Little Witch was preparing for her boring night, three trick-or-treaters knocked on her door. She didn’t have any treats for devil, pirate and astronaut, but she did come up with a grand idea. Perhaps she could give children a broom ride….? After all, not listening to her mother worked out fine for Little Witch, but her mom missed her during the big ride. Be good, or not to be good, this is a question to be answered before the next Halloween.

This book is designed for grades 1-3 as independent reading practice, but me and my three-year old had a great time joining Little Witch on her broomstick adventure.  It was fun learning about what good  means in the Witch community and how they prepare for the Big Night. Besides, after we met Little Witch as illustrated by Marc Brown, we surely changed our presumptuous opinion about  Witches in general.  Now we know that not all of them as bad as we think.

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