115. “Chicken Soup” by Jean Van Leeuwen

You might have other ideas to fight off a nasty cold or flu, but where I come from, a pot of chicken soup is supposed to do the trick. Every time someone would sneeze or cough in our family, my mom would run out to the store to buy fresh chicken, vegetables and other ingredients, and before long the whole house would smell like homemade chicken noodle soup, even though we could barely smell it with our stuffed noses.

At the farm, “Mrs. Farmers has taken out the pot!” as well. Cow told Sheep, which told Pig, which told Goose… And so the scoop reached the chickens, which  immediately raised the alarm: “Run for your lives!” All chickens ran, except for Little Chickie with a cold in his beak. Even though he finally decided to hide, he couldn’t help sneezing and coughing, which quickly gave away his hiding spots. Mr. Farmer found the sick Little Chickie and brought him to the kitchen, where he was greeted with a nice bowl of hot vegetable soup.

“Chicken Soup”  is a wonderful remedy for runny noses and fevers. The laughs you will get from this funny story and hilarious pictures by David Gavril, will speed up the recovery. Guaranteed.  It is literally, a feel-good story.


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